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Professional Services for Construction Equipment Parts and Precision Machinery Parts Supplier in China

Furen Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional custom machinery parts supplier headquartered in Mainland China. Our products include custom road roller drum, custom road roller frame, custom final drive parts, and so on. Additionally, we can also provide jig and fixture for certain production processes. Produced on the basis of more than ten years of hands-on experience, our customized machine tool accessories, CNC machine parts and non-standard components have been purchased by a range of companies, including construction machinery manufacturer, heavy equipment supplier, and related repairing service provider. Just contact us and you won’t be disappointed!

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    Precision Machining Service
    1. Custom Road Roller Drum

      They are manufactured according to customers’ blueprints and requirements. Our more than ten years of experience and precise processing equipments helped us produce the desirable drums for either single drum roller or double drum roller.

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    1. Custom Road Roller Frame

      After that, we have made a great progress in the manufacturing of engineering equipment accessory. As an experienced construction vehicle frame manufacturer, we can provide various kinds of custom road roller frame, so if you are interested in our products, just don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    1. Custom Road Roller Traverse Cross Piece

      Processed by CNC machining center, CNC welding equipment, and advanced surface treatment equipment, our road roller traverse cross girder are highly precise. We also paint the products in yellow according to client’s requirements, making the appearance more appealing.

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    Parts Machining Service
    1. Custom Paver Hopper

      The steel plate is precisely cut as per customer’s requirements, and welded by our experienced welders. The welding lines are just perfect. These semi-finished products will be further processed according to a certain procedure.

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    1. Custom Construction Equipment Scraper

      In the picture above, you can see the scraper we produced for a construction vehicle from a famous company. It is made of premium carbon steel, and processed by many techniques like plate cutting, welding, and surface treatment. It features with great tenacity and anti-wear performance.

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    1. Custom Final Drive Parts

      These products are made of premium material, and the surface is treated by special techniques, making the parts highly anti-corrosive. These products are processed according to the blueprints provided by the customer ...

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